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HCI International News, Number 11, July 2005

In this Issue

Special Announcements

  • Conference rate rooms at Caesars Palace have all been sold out.
  • Conference rate rooms at Flamingo Hotel have all been sold out.
  • Additional rooms at a special conference rate of $115 + tax are now available at Bally's Hotel, which is diagonally across from Caesars Palace Hotel.
  • No conference room rates will be available after July 11, 2005.
  • When you register for HCII 2005, you can also subscribe to major professional journals or order books at a discounted price.
  • HCII 2005 Final Program is now available in PDF format and in HTML format
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"The Future of Augmented Cognition" directed by Alexander Singe.

A fifteen-minute short film, entitled "The Future of Augmented Cognition" directed by Alexander Singer will be shown at the HCI International 2005
conference in Las Vegas. Award winning director Alexander Singer has directed some of the best dramatic TV series including: The Fugitive, Hill Street Blues, and Star Trek. Singer, in close collaboration with scientists and engineers, has created this short film projecting a possible future of augmented cognition in the year 2030. The film is a look at the new sensor technology's potential, and features a close look into the technology behind the closed-loop system. Filmed on location in Hollywood, California, with state-of-the-art cinematic equipment, "The Future of Augmented Cognition" promises to be an entertaining ride through one possible future of this program's technological potential. This short film will be projected at the plenary session on July 24, 2005.


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Conference in Numbers

  • 22 parallel sessions
  • 22 tutorials
  • 243 poster presentations
  • 11 volume proceedings
  • Over 2,100 conference registrants
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Brief Book Review: Cost-Justifying Usability: An Update for the Internet Age

Whether you work for a small company or a big corporation, whether you are managing a user experience group or you are an individual contributor, whether you are a researcher or a designer, one way or another you need to refer to Cost-Justifying Usability. In this new edition, Bias and Mayhew have added several chapters to the previous edition taking in consideration the transformation of the industries during the recent decency and Internet age. The book covers a complete spectrum of topics in cost justification of usability and return on investment. Useful statistical data (Chapter 2, Marcus), Tactical and Strategic cost justifications in large corporate applications (Chapter 9, Mauro), the Return on Investment in Usability of Web Applications (Chapter 10, Karat et al.), Return on Investment for Accessibility (Chapter 13, Brink), among other interesting topics, such as Marketing Usability (Chapter 5) or several hypothetical and real cost-benefits analysis examples make this collective book unique in the market. The previous edition of this book was a success, this edition seems to be even more useful for every practitioner involved with human-computer interaction and usability anywhere in the world.

Cost-Justifying Usability: An Update for the Internet Age,
Randolph G. Bias and Deborah J. Mayhew,
Elsevier-Morgan Kaufmann Publishing, Second Edition 2005, 660 pages
ISBN 0-12-095811-2

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Sponsorship of HCI International 2005

Sponsorship is open. Organizations wishing to sponsor a special event or to be a
general sponsor of the conference are welcome to contact Dr. Abbas Moallem, Communication and Exhibition

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Recent Interesting Articles

"Gmail, I Don't Get It, Part III" April 21, 2005, allbusiness.sfgate.com
"Usability: Empiricism or Ideology?" Alertbox, June 27, 2005"Gates Vs. Google: Search and Destroy" May 2, 2005, Fortune.ComLarge users hope for broader adoption of usability standard", June 20, 2005, Comouterworld.Com
"Archiving Usability Reports" , Alertbox, June 13, 2005
"When what they see is what you get - but satisficing isn't enough", May, 2005, UI Design Newsletter
"An interview with Andrew Imparato, President and CEO, American Association of People with Disabilities", Ease of Use
"EBay Launches Site For Open-Source Developers", June 21, 2005, internetweek.com
"Implementing a Pattern Library in the Real World: A Yahoo! Case Study", April 29, 2005 , Boxes and Arrows
"American Common Industry Format becomes International Standard", 24 June 2005 UsabilityNews.com
"That's a Good Question!", May 2005, SIG Newsletter

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Upcoming Conferences and Events in the HCI Area

July 4-6: Post-Cognitivist Psychology Conference 2005, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
July 4: M2Vis 2005, 2nd international conference on Non-visual and Multimodal Visualization, London, UK
July 5-8: Context 05, The fifth international and interdisciplinary conference on modeling and using context, Paris, France.
July 5-8: ICALT 2005, The 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
July 6-8: IV 05, 9th international conference on Information Visualization, London, UK.
July 6: Symposium on Dialogue Modelling and Generation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
July 6-8: SOUPS, Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
July 7-8: Manipulate media, Experimental workshop on Performative Development of Ubiquitous Media, Glasgow, UK.
July 7-8: CHINZ 2005, 6th annual conference of the NZ chapter of ACM's SIGCHI, Auckland, New Zealand.
July 7-9: IWIPS 2005, International Workshop on the Internationalisation of Products & Systems, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 12-15: SCC 2005, IEEE international conference on Services Computing, Orlanda, FL, USA.
July 13-15: DSVIS '05, 12th international workshop on Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
July 14-17: EISTA '05, The 3rd international conference on Education and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications, Orlanda, FL, USA.
July 15-16: CollabTech 2005, First international conference on Collaboration Technologies, Tokyo, Japan.
July 22-27: HCI International 2005, 11th international conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
July 24-27: CCCT '05, The 3rd international conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies, Austin, TX, USA.
July 24-30: UM 2005, 10th international conference on User Modeling, Edinburgh, UK

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Previous Issues of HCI International NEWS are available online.


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Contribute to HCI International NEWS

We welcome your contribution to the HCI International News. Please send us interesting news, short articles, interesting websites, etc. We will consider your comments and contributions for upcoming issues. Please send your contribution to the Editor, Dr. Abbas Moallem .

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About HCI International NEWS

The HCI International NEWS is a newsletter about Human - Computer Interaction topics, the HCII 2005 Conference deadlines and activities, the HCII 2005 Exhibition, news in the area of Human - Computer Interaction, and more.If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contribute, please contact the Editor, Dr. Abbas Moallem.

The opinions that are expressed in this Newsletter are the sole responsibility of its authors and do not represent any institution or company.

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