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HCI International News, Number 26, November 2007


Dylan Schmorrow received the Sonny Carter Memorial Award

The Founder and Chair of the biannual HCII Augmented Cognition Conferences, Dr. Dylan Schmorrow, was presented the Sonny Carter Memorial Award on May 16, 2007 by the Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons during the Aerospace Medical Associations annual meeting in New Orleans, LA, USA, in recognition of his significant contribution towards improving the health, safety, and welfare of operational forces by promoting communication and teamwork among the aeromedical communities.

Dr. Schmorrow is an Aerospace Experimental Psychologist in the Navy’s Medical Service Corps and an Acquisition Professional in the Naval Acquisition Corps. He is currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Naval Research (CNR), responsible for coordinating actions between the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and tenant commands, the Office of the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations, as well as intergovernmental agencies and international science and technology (S&T) organizations. The CNR oversees ONR, the Naval Research Laboratory and ONR Global and also serves as the Director of Test and Evaluation and Technology Requirements (N091) overseeing Navy’s RDT&E budget of $18B. Additionally, as the Director of the ONR Warfighter Enhancement Program Office, CDR Schmorrow leads and manages Warfighter training and performance S&T programs transforming promising technologies into operational capabilities. Dr. Schmorrow is the Founder and Chairman of the Augmented Cognition International Society. His research interests range from neuroscience, human factors, training, autonomy and decision support technologies to advanced augmented cognition science, technology, systems and applications for maximizing human performance.

The Sonny Carter Memorial Award was instituted in 1993 in memory of Captain Manley Lanier "Sonny" Carter, Jr., MC, USN. The Sonny Carter Award recipient is judged not only on accomplishments in the last year, but also on a career history of aeromedical community involvement. Criteria for selection include: resourcefulness and dedication in promoting and accomplishing operational medical support; demonstrated leadership in forming and promoting teamwork among the various aeromedical specialties; demonstrated professionalism, integrity, unselfishness and respect for all aeromedical communities; demonstrated communication skills, and embodiment of the spirit of cooperation.

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HCI International 2009

The 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI International 2009, will be held jointly with the affiliated Conferences in the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, in San Diego, California, USA, 19-24 July 2009.

It will cover a broad spectrum of themes related to Human Computer Interaction, including theoretical issues, methods, tools, processes and case studies in HCI design, as well as novel interaction techniques, interfaces and applications.

The program will feature, among others: pre-conference half-day and full-day tutorials, parallel sessions, poster presentations, an opening session with a keynote address, an exhibition including demonstrations by industrial companies.

The Conference Proceedings will be published by Springer.

For the Call for Participation and further information, please visit the Conference website.

Abbas Moallem

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HCII 2009 - Exhibition

In the context of the HCI International 2009 Conference Exhibition, exhibitors will have an ideal opportunity to exhibit their products and services to an international audience of over 2,300 researchers, academics, professionals and users in the field of HCI. Attendees will be able to examine state-of-the- art HCI technology and interact with manufacturing representatives, vendors, publishers, and potential employers. More information about the Exhibition will be available in the future through the Conference website.

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HCII 2009 - Sponsorship

Organizations wishing to sponsor a special event or to be a general sponsor of the Conference are welcome to contact the Sponsorship Administration at sponsorship@hcii2009.org.

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Brief Book Review: Neuroergonomics: The Brain at Work

24 excellent contributions on Neuroergonomics or “the study of brain and behavior at work” from a selected group of experts are gathered in this 430 pages book edited by Raja Parasuraman and Matthew Rizzo. It is hard to select a chapter or section for a short book review since all of them are very interesting and give good insight on how brains function when people are under stress, fatigue or other special conditions. However I would stress my particular interest in chapters III and IV. Chapter III (Perception, Cognition and Emotion) includes four articles: Spatial Navigation, Cerebral Hemodynamics and Vigilance, Executive Functions and the Neurology of Emotions and feeling, and their role in Behavioral Decisions. Chapter IV (Stress, Fatigue, and Physical Work) offers 4 articles: Stress and Neuroergonomics, Sleep and Circadian Control of Neurobehavioral Functions and Physical Neuroergonomics. In Chapters II and V of the book other aspects of Neuroergonomics technology and methods are effectively covered. And finally Chapter VI covers Neuroergonomics and Special Populations. Understanding how a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) system allows users to interact with their environment without use of muscular activity, having an overview of research on retinal prostheses and artificial vision and understand how various disorders caused by lesions in the central neuron system can be compensated or lessened by a variety of new strategies and devices is quite enlightening. Should you be involved in advance research in the field of human factors and ergonomics, a novice professional in the field or just interested in knowing more about our brain functions and behavior, you would love this book. The accessibility and clarity of the text, an extensive imageries provided with the each section, and a comprehensive glossary make the book easy to read and understandable to all types of readers. It is certainty a “must have” book.


Neuroergonomics: The Brain At Work, Raja Parasuraman and Matthew Rizzo, Oxford University Press, 2007. 430 pages. ISBN 978-0-19-517761-4

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Book Announcement: Social and Community Informatics - Humans on the Net

As a discipline, Informatics has developed over the years from a focus on data processing and software development, towards an emphasis on People’s use of technology and its impact on their working lives and private lives and our roles as citizens. Gunilla Bradley, an internationally recognized expert in this field, has been researching in this area for many years and here, authors this indispensable volume on the topic.

This unique book will be of interest to students and academics studying social informatics, computing and MIS as well as organizational behavior, sociology, psychology and communications. Research-based and cross-disciplinary, Bradley's book is a valuable, and topical, resource.

1. Introduction
2. Theoretical perspective on the psychosocial and organizational life
Environment and computerization (ICT)
3. Information and communication technology (ICT) – past, present and future
4. ICT and Humans - Ongoing changes in working life
5. Home of the Future and ICT - Integration of professional and private roles
6. ICT and Humans - Ongoing changes in communities
7. ICT and Psychosocial Communication
8. ICT and Stress
9. From theory to actions: How to achieve the good ICT society - A tree of action

About the Author
Gunilla Bradley is Professor in Informatics, but is educated as a psychologist and has a broad background in the behavioral sciences. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Namur Award from IFIP for pioneering research. She serves in three working groups in TC 9 IFIP technical committee.

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2006
Hb: 0-415-38184-3
Pb: 0-415-38185-1
234x156mm: 208pp

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