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HCI International News, Number 81, January 2017

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HCII 2017: Important Deadlines

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HCII 2017: Tutorials' Program

22 half-day tutorials, listed below, will run from Sunday 9 to Tuesday 11 July 2017. Full-day tutorials will not be offered. For the description of each tutorial, please visit: http://2017.hci.international/tutorials

Sunday, 9 July 2017, 08:30 – 12:30
T01 HCI/UX in Science-Fiction Movies/TV: What can We Learn from the Past 100 Years of the Future? (Aaron Marcus)
T02 Design for Social Change (Panayiotis Zaphiris, Antigoni Parmaxi)
T03 How to Design User-Friendly Dashboards? (Abbas Moallem)

Sunday, 9 July 2017, 13:30 – 17:30
T04 Cross-Cultural HCI/User-Experience Design: What are Differences and Similarities of User Preferences and Expectations, including China? (Aaron Marcus)
T05 Designing for Operational Environments: Interactive Training using Multimodal Technologies (Eileen Smith, Michael Carney, Cali M. Fidopiastis, Patricia Bockelman)
T06 Designing Digital Technology for an Aging Population (Jeff Johnson, Kate Finn)

Monday, 10 July 2017, 08:30 – 12:30
T07 Mobile Persuasion Design+UX: How can Information Design plus Persuasion Design Change Behavior? (Aaron Marcus)
T08 How to Conduct Software Testing with Users (Anna Wichansky)
T09 Your Toolbox for Co-creative Design: Practical Skills for Design Research (Panayiotis Zaphiris, Antigoni Parmaxi)
T10 Human Computer Interaction and Cyber-Security (Abbas Moallem)

Monday, 10 July 2017, 13:30 – 17:30
T11 Smart systems and user interaction (Martin Maguire)
T12 Research Methods for Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, Andrew Schall)
T13 Standardized Usability Questionnaires (James Lewis)
T14 Speech-based Interaction: Myths, Challenges and Opportunities (Gerald Penn, Cosmin Munteanu)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 08:30 – 12:30
T15 Supersmart Storyselling: How Best to Information and Persuade in Short "Elevator Pitch" Presentations? (Aaron Marcus)
T16 Hands-On Software Usability Testing Lab and Advanced Methods (Anna Wichansky)
T17 Social Media Analysis for the Masses: Extracting and Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, and Co. (Margeret Hall)
T18 IBM Design Thinking Workshop (Kevin L. Schultz, Camillo Sassano)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 13:30 – 17:30
T19 Introducing Lean-er UX: Getting the benefits of lean, with techniques your manager will actually let you use (Everett McKay)
T20 Theory and Practice of Digital Storytelling for Older Adults (David Kaufman, Simone Hausknecht)
T21 Designing User Interfaces and Interactive Solutions for Wearable Technologies (Vivian Genaro Motti)
T22 Interacting with Visualizations: A Cognitive Activity, Task, and Action Framework (Kamran Sedig, Paul Parsons)

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HCII 2017: Exhibition

You are invited to exhibit at the HCI International 2017 exhibition. The HCI International Conference is an ideal opportunity to exhibit your products and services to an international audience of over 2000 researchers, academics, professionals and users in the field of HCI. For more information, please have a look at: http://2017.hci.international/exhibition

List of Exhibitors registered so far:

Information about the previous years' exhibition at HCII2016 in Toronto, including pictures and exhibitors are available in HCII News Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HCI-International-News-and-Conferences-151661138193927/

and also the conference web site:

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HCII 2017: Accommodation

The Vancouver Convention Center will be the conference venue. Three nearby hotels have been appointed as the official HCII2017 hotels. A number of rooms have been reserved to be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, while significantly reduced rates have been agreed with these hotels, valid for all Conference participants for the duration of the Conference as well as for 2 additional days, before and / or after the Conference, based on availability. Please also note that, the 7 June 2017 is the cutoff date for reservations. Any requests after that date will be handled on a space and cost availability basis. For more information, please have a look at: http://2017.hci.international/accommodation

Book your accommodation at the official HCII2017 hotels in order to get the special conference rate and complimentary internet in guest rooms.

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HCII 2017 Sponsorship

Sponsorship in the context of HCI International 2017 is the ideal opportunity to expose your organization to an international audience of over 2000 researchers, professionals and users in the field of HCI. Sponsorship is not limited to financial support, and thus can also take the form of material and service provision. If you are interested in contributing to this international event as a sponsor or simply wish to receive more information contact: administration@hcii2017.org

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HCII 2017: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2017) Thematic Area

HCI 2017 is a Thematic Area of the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2017), that will be held in Vancouver, Canada, 9-14 July 2017, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

This Thematic Area addresses challenging and innovative topics in Human-Computer Interaction theory, methodology and practice, including, for example, novel theoretical approaches to interaction, novel user interface concepts and technologies, novel interaction devices, UI development methods, environments and tools, multimodal user interfaces, emotions in HCI, aesthetic issues, HCI and children, evaluation methods and tools, and many other.

HCI is a field in need of significant innovation and breakthroughs towards radically new future forms of interaction. We encourage participation in the HCI Thematic area as a forum for scientific research and innovation in Human Computer Interaction.

We look forward to meeting you in Vancouver!

Masaaki Kurosu
Program Chair, HCI 2017

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9th International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media (SCSM 2017)

SCSM 2017 is an affiliated conference of the HCI International Conference in its 9th edition. The conference provides an established international forum for the exchange and dissemination of scientific information related to social computing and social media. It addresses a broad spectrum of issues expanding our understanding of current and future issues in social computing and social media. The conference welcomes qualitative and quantitative research papers on a diverse range of topics.

Related topics include, but are not limited to, all aspects of computer mediated communication, including design and evaluation methodologies, ethical and legal issues, privacy and security, mobile issues, user experience and user behavior, universal access and usability, as well as smart community services and social network analysis for social computing and social media.

Recent trends include, for example, urban analytics, collaboration support, predictors for intention of use, serendipity engineering, user experience, social media in academia, location-based social networks, and globalization context.

We invite you to participate in SCSM 2017, which will take place in the context of HCI International 2017, in Vancouver, Canada, 9-14 July 2017.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

Gabriele Meiselwitz
Program Chair, SCSM 2017

6th International Conference on Design, User Experience and Usability (DUXU 2017)

The 6th annual international conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability (DUXU), an affiliated Conference of HCI International 2017, http://2017.hci.international/duxu, will take place on 9-14 July 2017, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The DUXU Conference aims to offer many high-quality sessions on topics across a wide field of interests. A new feature of DUXU are sessions that will offer only presentations, not papers, thereby encouraging participation of designers and other professionals who do not wish to prepare academic papers. Co-Chairs are Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus and Associates, USA, aaron.marcus@bamanda.com, and, for the first time this year, Wentao Wang, Baidu, Beijing, China, wangwentao@baidu.com

User experience (UX) concerns how a person thinks, feels, and acts with usable, useful, and appealing interactive products and services. The conference emphasizes how products/services are perceived, learned, and used; design knowledge, methods, and practices; with a focus on a deeply human-centered design processes. The Proceedings of DUXU 2017 are expected to equal or surpass last year’s, which consisted of three volumes presenting 158 papers by 435 authors in 28 session from 35 countries.

DUXU 2017 offers a place to report work covering many design/research topics, including the following:

  • Anthropology and ethnography
  • Branding
  • Chart and diagram design
  • Color design
  • Creativity in DUXU
  • Design thinking, design philosophy, and design patterns
  • Design/evaluation for cross-cultural users
  • DUXU in developing countries
  • Education/training for DUXU
  • Emotion, motivation, and persuasion design
  • Ethical issues in DUXU
  • Future trends in DUXU
  • Gamification, especially of enterprise applications
  • Globalization/localization of DUXU
  • Heuristics
  • Image design
  • Information/knowledge design/visualization
  • Internet of Things and DUXU
  • Management of DUXU processes
  • Map, wayfinding, and signage design
  • Marketing
  • Metaphor, mental-model, and navigation/search design
  • Mobile products/services, including mobile TV/video
  • Patterns of DUXU practice and solutions
  • Personalities, psychology, personas
  • Persuasive Technology and DUXU
  • Robots, AI agents, and DUXU
  • Science-fiction and future trends
  • Sci-Fi Movies and DUXU
  • Semiotics: Sign/symbol/icon design
  • Service Design
  • Social networks, especially in the enterprise
  • Storytelling, fiction, non-fiction, comics
  • Sustainability
  • Three-D Printing and DUXU
  • Wearables, fashion, and beauty technology
  • Women and DUXU Science-fiction and future trends
  • Semiotics: Sign/symbol/icon design
  • Service Design
  • Social networks, especially in the enterprise
  • Storytelling, fiction, non-fiction, comics
  • Sustainability
  • Three-D Printing and DUXU
  • Wearables, fashion, and beauty technology
  • Women and DUXU

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Recent News and Articles

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CALL FOR PAPERS - special issue on "User Experience in Games"
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

With the development of information and communication technologies, the younger generations as well as more mature generations accept and enjoy playing digital games. The game industry is growing rapidly but until recently game was not considered as an academic research topic. This special issue will bring together papers reporting research that explores a range of topics across the spectrum of user experience in video/computer/mobile games.

IMPORTANT DATES Paper submission deadline: April 10, 2017

Special Issue Editors:

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The HCI International NEWS is a newsletter that contains information about the HCI International 2015 Conference, book reviews, news from the field of HCI, as well as links to interesting articles and conferences. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to make a contribution, please contact the Editor, Dr. Abbas Moallem. The opinions that are expressed in this Newsletter are the sole responsibility of its authors and do not represent any institution or company.

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